Support and Resistance Explained

cryptocurrency 3 weeks ago

Check out my Bybit tutorial for beginners. In my free crypto trading digital course, this video will explain what is support and what is resistance. Support and resistance play a critical roll in being successful as a crypto trader. -TIMESTAMP- 0:00 Support, Resistance, And Trend lines Explained. 0:15 Bybit Tutorial for Beginners Intro. 2:00 What is Support Crypto Trading. 2:15 Support Levels Explained. 3:56 Resistance Levels Explained. 4:25 What is Resistance ? 6:15 Bitcoin Support & resistance Tutorial. 7:07 What is a Trend Line. 7:55 How to chart trend lines? 10:06 Best free Trend Line Indicator 12:01 Bybit Beginner Tutorial Outro *Nothing I state or express should be considered professional advice. This channel is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. All content contained within is all just my own opinion and experience. I do not advise that you buy sell trade or hodl any digital asset of any kind. You should always consult with your own finical advisor before making any investment decisions*
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