"The 'Banana Zone' Is HERE! Crypto Prices Will QUADRUPLE!" - Raoul Pal on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana

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🔥My FREE Daily On-Chain Analysis & Crypto News In 5-Mins: 👉🏻 https://www.cryptonutshell.com/subscribe 🔥🌳 You can NOW Become a member of our channel to support us! 🌳👑 👉🏻 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWZg7FTpyFB9lSpk-_cVr3Q/join It’s the fastest pace of adoption of any investable asset in all of human history. By the end of 2025, there are going to be 1.1 billion active crypto wallets. The pace of growth is hard to comprehend & it will be the fastest accumulation of wealth humanity has ever seen. That is the conclusion of a careers worth of research from macroeconomic expert & real vision founder, Raoul Pal. In his latest update to investors, Raoul broke down in a 2 hour special, every single chart & piece of research that all leads to the same conclusion. Liquidity is what drives everything & crypto will be the best performing asset of them all.Raoul has been stressing to investors for months that all the factors are beginning to align right now & we are heading into ‘the banana zone’ - a period which is characterised by parabolic moves upwards in the crypto price. Raoul believes as we move towards the U.S elections, we are going to see more liquidity flooded into the economy, which is perfect for crypto prices moving upwards. Just this week, we not only saw the SEC do a 180 and approve an Ethereum ETF, but we also saw Donald Trump completely endorse Bitcoin & the future of crypto in the U.S2:43 - 3:18 (VIDEO 2) Raoul isn’t wrong - all the factors are coming together to create a perfect environment for crypto to utterly explode higher. Bitcoin & Ethereum ETFs approved. Bipartisan support in the U.S from both political parties, & liquidity conditions easing. How high could it send crypto? According to Raouls work, he believes Bitcoin could hit $1 million dollars per coin by 2030 & the indicators predict that Ethereum could hit $20,000 per Eth by the end of this cycle - sometime in late 2025. Without further ado, let’s jump into the highlights of Raoul’s everything code & why he has more conviction that ever that crypto is about to explode. About Raoul Pal: Raoul Pal is the co-founder and CEO of Real Vision, the world's preeminent financial media platform, which helps members understand the complex world of finance, business, and the global economy. #Bitcoin #Crypto #Investing ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIALS Twitter: https://twitter.com/JaminTree My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamincurrie/ Email: jamin.tree@gmail.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "When Should You SELL Your Crypto In 2024 and 2025?" Raoul Pal on Exit Strategy & Crypto Prediction, Bitcoin & Ethereum, Solana "Crypto Is About To EXPLODE! Why Ethereum & Solana Will Outperform MASSIVELY" - Raoul Pal Update
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