The Best Business Show with Anthony Pompliano - Episode 127

cryptocurrency 3 months ago

SoFi is the exclusive partner app of The Best Business Show. Visit for more info and start investing today Thanks to Cometeer, the best coffee on the planet, for supporting us. Try the coffee you melt to make that’s brewed in partnership with award-winning roasters. For $20 off your first order, use my link: CORRECTION: Your purchase of Cometeer includes coffee only. Your purchase does not include a kettle, glasses or tumbler mentioned in our video content. These promotional items are only available to customers as rewards for referring new customers to Cometeer, subject to the terms and conditions on Cometeer's website. The Best Business Show is a daily show from 11-1 EST brought to you by Anthony Pompliano. Pomp will be discussing a wide range of topics from Bitcoin, Finance, Cryptocurrencies & everything in between. Pomp writes a daily letter to over 200,000 investors about business, technology, and finance. He breaks down complex topics into easy-to-understand language while sharing opinions on various aspects of each industry. You can subscribe at #AnthonyPompliano #Bitcoin #BTC #Crypto #Cryptocurrency
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