The Bitcoin Price Level Everyone Should Know About: Onchain Analyst Explains

cryptocurrency 6 months ago

This episode of the Profit Maximalist podcast features Dylan LeClair who explains the China crackdown on mining, how that impacts price, bitcoin investor's avg entry, and we discuss legendary hedge-fund investor George Soros entry into the crypto market. ►Listen on iTunes: ►Listen on Spotify:,%2C%20poker%20players%2C%20and%20entrepreneurs ►Profit Maximalist is the daily show for crypto traders & Bitcoin investors. Hear from the largest funds, top traders, best analysts, and key players in the crypto market. Drop a like & subscribe if you enjoyed the show! ►Get $200 deposit bonus on your Bybit trading account: ►Follow Dylan here: ►Checkout more of Dylan's research: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! __________________________________________________________ 0:00 Intro 1:30 China Bitcoin crackdown 6:10 Bitcoin investor analysis 13:11 Legendary investor entering crypto 18:00 Bitcoin speculative attack 24:25 Summary #Crypto​ #Bitcoin​ #Investing #Trading #BTC
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