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✅ Follow EllioTrades on Twitter: #gaming #cryptocurrency #NFT Happy Saturday E.T Fam! It’s the weekrnd, and I’m feeling great. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in Hawaii. Enough about that, let’s talk some crypto. The market is looking pretty healthy so far. ETH and Bitcoin are holding at steady levels. However, what I’d like to highlight is what’s going down with these metaverse companies. In case you haven’t noticed, the sector has gone completely mad. Pretty much every metaverse project in the space is pumping. Ubisoft announced that they are moving into the NFT gaming sector. Illuvium has released another amazing gaming trailer. This is one of the most anticipated games in the space. You all know I’m one of the people on the frontline of NFT gaming and metaverse adoption. So, this doesn’t surprise me one bit. I anticipate that this narrative will continue to grow until it is too big to be ignored. In more NFT related news, more partnerships are emerging. SuperFarm partner, ImmutableX, just announced that it has partnered with ESL Gaming to take the esports world by storm. One thing I need to stress is that it is still important for you all to check your FOMO at the door. When things are super bullish, they can also become super scammy. So be mindful of the projects you choose to participate in. Overall, it’s been a good day. It’s crazy to see how things are unfolding right before our eyes. 0:00 My Main Focus, My Main Thesis 0:53 This Industry Is About Network Effect 1:56 Gaming Is The Big Whale 2:37 We’re Entering Into The Most Important Era Of The Blockchain Revolution 4:00 This Is A Mega Trend 5:18 Disclaimer For The Newbies 7:26 Web 2.0 Tweet 8:00 You’re In The 1% 9:25 The Metaverse Is The Biggest Thing 10:42 Decentraland Talk 11:21 Metaverse Party Is On Fire 12:34 How We Get From Art To A Digital World 13:12 Games Are Digital Stores Of Structure 13:51 Gaming Is The Ship That Takes Everyone Into The Metaverse 15:24 Rekt Capital/Ethereum Talk 16:36 The Story Of The Day/The Metaverse Party Is On 17:54 DCInvestor Tweet 19:24 Unimaginable Growth 21:00 NFT/Meme Token Talk 21:29 Ingredients Of The Metaverse Pizza 22:36 Immutable & ESL Partnership Talk 24:26 RFox Coverage 25:32 Santiago Santos Tweet Thread 27:05 The Time To Play Is Now 28:18 5-Year Play 28:50 Buying The Blood 29:48 Watch Out For Rugs/Inflation 30:34 It’s So Early 31:25 Illuvium Trailer/Talk 32:44 Ubisoft Announcement 33:20 Vulcan Forged Land Sale 34:22 Most People Don’t Have The Opportunity 35:07 Hopping Into The Comments 36:30 The Industry Is Moving So So Fast 37:25 This Is History 39:00 What’s A Small Cap? 40:11 The Most Important Thing You Need To Ask Yourself 42:07 Who Is Gonna Hold The Attention? 43:15 Byte Token Explanation 45:33 Everything I’ve Learned…. 46:38 This Community Is The Most Powerful 47:23 We Are The Day One Bitcoiners Of The Metaverse Cherish this moment E.T Fam, you all literally have front row seats to witnessing historical events that will be spoken about for centuries to come. DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR
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