The World's Most Secure Messaging App | Fortknoxster | CryptoWeekly Podcast

cryptocurrency 2 months ago

Niels Klitsgaard - CEO & co-founder @ Fortknoxster. Website: Security: Road Map: Comparison: Press Release: Niels is extremely dedicated to enhancing innovation, always looking at ways to do things smarter and more securely. He is also a true privacy advocate and thrives in the cybersecurity and blockchain space. FortKnoxster is a cyber-security company offering a complete Crypto Suite™ of private and secure messaging, calling, crypto wallet, and cloud storage worldwide for everyone, including businesses. FortKnoxster uses strong end-to-end encryption with advanced blockchain technology and zero-knowledge principles to protect its user’s online privacy. FortKnoxster aims to be the most secure and privacy-oriented all-in-one peer-to-peer encrypted communication and blockchain platform. FortKnoxster protects your online privacy and financial transactions by encrypting all of your communication and data, using cutting-edge security and technologies. _____________________________________ 📰 Subscribe to our Newsletter: 🤑 Download our Outreach List: 🌐 Website: 💬 Telegram: @ Twitter: ☑️ Facebook:
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