Top 4 Low Cap Gems in October 2021! Altcoins With the Biggest Potential!

cryptocurrency 2 weeks ago

A bit late in the month, but today we bring you our selection of low cap gems for October. (Hopefully better late than never). 🚀 Save money on every crypto trade you make with StormGain! Enjoy a onetime 0.1% trading fee with this link: First up we have the OMG coin. This is the token of the OMG Network which believes that Ethereum’s significant speed and cost barriers will need to be overcome before mainstream businesses will consider building their products and applications on the network. The OMG chart shows us a very positive picture. A couple of days ago a months-long rally brought a record-breaking price of just over $18. Last week saw a 100% jump and the previous record from May was broken. We've seen a bit of a reversal since then, but this is definitely one to watch in the coming weeks. From a coin that has recently made fresh highs, we move on to one that is showing promising signs of achieving new records. Launched in June 2019, Klaytn is a public blockchain platform providing an accessible user experience and development environment in order to convey the value of blockchain technology. The promise of this unique project has found support among investors and traders and we can see that its chart was in a serious downtrend. But in the last several days we're seeing a move that sparked our interest - a breakout above the long-term trendline could actually be starting right now. Keep an eye on this one, because it has lagged behind the market, and now could be a suitable time to get in. In the number three spot, we have ICX. This is a notoriously volatile altcoin and it almost dropped to zero a couple of times this year. But we do think a sustained uptrend could be likely in the next weeks. The ICON project comes from South Korea and is a decentralized blockchain network focused on interoperability. With ICON’s “blockchain transmission protocol”, independent blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum can connect and transact with each other. This opens up cross-chain use cases that are impossible without an interoperability layer like ICON. The last three months have seen a jump of almost 250% and there are no signs of slowing down. The potential upside that many are looking at is about 50% which will lead the price to its record high from May. October could be very interesting for ICX indeed, especially if it reaches that record ahead of schedule and breaks through it. At number four we have the WIN coin. This is the governance token of the WINkLink project, which is the first comprehensive oracle on the TRON ecosystem. It fully integrates the real world with the blockchain space, will be able to provide reliable, unpredictable, and verifiable random numbers, and fully restore trust and improve user experience by tapping into data, events, and payment systems, etc. from the real world. The main reason it made our list is because of its 50% rise over the last seven days, but we did find some signs that this could actually be the beginning of a larger move. Almost every time before a bigger move up there is a spike in trading volume, marked with green circles on the chart. Right now we seem to be in the middle of such a spike and we could interpret that as a bullish sign. The potential upside is up for the discussion, but we've also identified the next resistance levels that could serve as clues and targets. 00:00 Intro 00:21 OMG 01:43 KLAY 03:30 ICX 05:18 WIN 06: 13 Recap 📊 Join our global trading community on Telegram. Get access to a free trading course, trading signals, and receive help from professional cryptocurrency traders. ✈️ JOIN NOW!: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: Disclaimer: Although BeInCrypto aims to inform and educate readers from all over the world, it is important to remember that investing in cryptocurrency is risky. Neither this video nor its authors should be held responsible for any investment decisions, and nothing published here should be considered financial advice. We always urge our readers/viewers to do their own research and never invest more than they can afford to lose.
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