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✅ Follow EllioTrades on Twitter: #bitcoin #ethereum #altcoins Hey E.T Fam! I hope you all are having a great day. I’m coming to you all today with a very URGENT message. As many of you know, we’ve been battling with FUD released from the higher-ups throughout this entire bull run. It seems like the more successful crypto becomes, the more vicious the attempts to scare us out of the market becomes. It looks like the government is kicking things up a notch with IRS provision 6050I. In a nutshell, participating in any crypto activities without KYC’ing will be seen as a criminal act. This is a direct attack on our financial freedom. It is important that we use our physical and digital voices to contact our local representatives and express our displeasure with them even proposing a bill as heinous as provision 6050I be passed. Now is the time to take action. We must remain unfazed by any regulatory FUD. We’ve fought too hard and dedicated too much to this industry to capitulate now. Crypto is about way more than cool projects, getting rich, and quick pumps. This is the key to our financial liberation. This is the revolution that people will etch into history books. This is the revolution that people will make movies about. This is the revolution that we will teach our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren about. Most importantly, this is the financial revolution that will finally even the playing field between the haves and the have-nots. E.T Fam, this is much bigger than us. This is about the generations that will come after we’re long gone. They deserve a better future. We have the chance to lay the blueprint, but it starts now. This is worth continuing to fight for! I don’t plan on leaving the frontlines any time soon. The only thing I hope is that when I look to my left and my right, I will see you all next to me. Much luv E.T Fam! 1:15 This Is Not FUD 3:00 Optimism Carries Us Forward 5:12 The Community Needs To Speak Up 6:35 Taking A Reality Pill 8:04 Altcoins Going Parabolic 10:02 Be Careful This Is When Things Get Wrecked 11:51 Failure To Report Digital Assets Is A Crime?! 14:38 Make Some Noise! Call Your Senators! 16:22 How Could This Apply? 17:46 Watch Out For Scam Season 19:02 It's All About Player Owned Gaming 21:18 Sneaky Clause Explained 22:09 Hopping In Chat 23:34 Major BTC Consolidation 24:44 Getting Success With Page One Coins 26:26 On NEEDING 100X Gains 28:04 ETH 12-15K 29:01 Take Profits When Things Are Parabolic 31:44 Call Your Senators! 32:01 There Will Be Supply Shock 32:43 NYC Mayor Want Paycheck in BTC 33:40 Polkadot Crowd Loans Moonbeam + Acala 36:23 Immutable X Gaining Steam 37:33 Beware the J Curve 41:22 Call Your Senators About This Law! 41:50 AMA 43:11 Exit Price for Solana 44:09 Engine 45:19 NFT Giveaway 46:47 End Of Market Moves? 47:23 Warning Scam Plays WILL Happen 48:36 Wait For Things To Cool Off 49:19 Need Crypto Native Gaming SOON! DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR
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