What are the Top 5 Free Crypto Wallets Right Now??

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Today, we’re going to talk about cryptocurrency wallets, and more specifically about the top 5 free crypto wallets at the moment.. We’ve done a video on crypto wallets before, but that served as more of an introduction. We covered common and popular wallets, and you should go check it out if you haven’t already. 🚀 Save money on every crypto trade you make with StormGain! Enjoy a onetime 0.1% trading fee with this link: Here are all the wallets David mentions in the video Bitcoin Core Client - Wasabi - Argent - Crypterium - Robinhood - Armory - Coinomi - Keep in mind, all of our previous suggestions are still solid, we just wanted to go a little further and give five new top picks for cryptocurrency wallets that are even more important, more unique or newer than any we’ve covered before. Today we’ll be touching on some Bitcoin only options, an Ethereum specific choice, and some multi coin solutions. All wallets we cover today are free, but they do have differing levels for technical savviness required to use them. First up we decided to get the most technical option out of the way, so let’s talk about Bitcoin Core. More than simply just a wallet, the Bitcoin Core Client acts as a full node, meaning you can verify the blockchain and broadcast transactions yourself. We’re including it here because for high end users, it really is the most secure and involved way to use Bitcoin. You don’t only have added security for yourself, but as a node operator you also help to enhance the network. Next up, we wanted to touch on one other Bitcoin wallet that is still unique and powerful, but a bit more accessible for most. That is, Wasabi wallet. Wasabi is also open source, non custodial, and can be used through Tor, so you’re getting many of the same benefits of running your own node. However you won’t have to set up a full node or download the whole blockchain in order to get those benefits. For number three we thought it’s time to switch blockchains altogether. Turning to Ethereum, let’s take a look at the Argent Wallet. Argent is basically a full mobile Ethereum wallet that also has built in access to the DeFi ecosystem. That means from within the Argent app users can store, send and receive ERC-20 assets with ease, but also put their portfolios to work through platforms like Aave, Compound, Uniswap, Opensea and more. Number four is Crypterium. Much like our previous entry, Crypterium wants to make the world of digital assets more functional and accessible. However Crypterium offers services for a much larger variety of assets, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Chainlink and many more. The platform even has its own native utility token, known as CRPT. Our last free crypto wallet suggestion today may be a bit surprising, but we think it’s important to mention. That is Robinhood. Robinhood just announced that they will be rolling out true cryptocurrency wallet solutions for users this month, and while the platform at times has been controversial, it still offers a fairly accessible point of purchase for many new to the space. 00:00 Intro 00:58 Bitcoin Core Wallet 02:18 Wasabi 03:07 Argent 03:57 Crypterium 04:55 Robinhood 05:42 Honorable Mentions 07:10 Stormgain 07:38 Outro 📊 Join our global trading community on Telegram. Get access to a free trading course, trading signals, and receive help from professional cryptocurrency traders. ✈️ JOIN NOW!: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TIKTOK: Disclaimer: Although BeInCrypto aims to inform and educate readers from all over the world, it is important to remember that investing in cryptocurrency is risky. Neither this video nor its authors should be held responsible for any investment decisions, and nothing published here should be considered financial advice. We always urge our readers/viewers to do their own research and never invest more than they can afford to lose.
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