What happened with Solana's Network? 17 Hours Down?

cryptocurrency 1 month ago

BLUF: Began experiencing multiple forks as validators were disrupted enough to not understand what was the canonical chain of authority. This causes transactions to become invalid, rendering the chain inoperable. Original Announcement: Patch recovery: Network Restart: Telemetry Key aspects Solana is considered a “Beta” ; Thoughts?! Raydium IDO nearly hit an estimated 400k transaction per second Lack of prioritization of network-critical messages Network began failing (freezing up queue) Network seen first issue around 8AM EST Network was recovered through a patch deployment after Solana Developers released a patch to limit transaction forwarding Key culprit of not having a ‘base’ fee, allows scripts to be built to network flood How did they fix, with the software patch Improved ‘spam’ blocking Improved ‘load’ balancing Lets explore what changed? Next steps? Quick links borrowed from Reddit: 🚀 Join the fastest growing ecosystem in crypto 🚀 Telegram: Website: Newsletter: Medium: GitHub: Twitter: Podcast: ➖➖➖➖ 💻 TECHNICAL Network Stats: Docs: Discord: Whitepaper: Tokenomics: ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📚 Key Links The SPREADDDSSHEEETTT - Under GPU Testing 2021 What to Mine? Where to mine, pool status For a slightly overpriced RTX 3090 Sponsored LINK - Compass Mining Sponsored Link for - Hook yourself up while hooking us up! 🎼 Background Audio → No Music 💬 Join the Discord server → 👕 Check out the BitsBeTrippin merch, refresh in 2021 → Coming Soon 🌎 Follow BitsBeTrippin everywhere → Twitch - → Twitter - #bitcoin #btc #cryptocurrency
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