Who will win the Smart Contract Wars: ETH SOL ADA ALGO DOT MATIC LUNA ATOM FTM AVAX

cryptocurrency 4 months ago

#SOLANA #ETHEREUM #CARDANO #POLKADOT #LUNA #FANTOM #AVAX #ATOM #ALGO IA Referral Links: Tradingview referral link $30 off: Celsius referral code get $50 with $400 deposit: 1315105ca2 FTX: Save on trades FTX referral link: Voyager Deposit $100 to get $25 of free Bitcoin. Use code CB91C1 or this link to claim your BTC: 0:00 Disclaimer - this is Edutainment and not Financial Advice - The opinions expressed in the video are for general informational purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or on any specific security or investment product. It is only intended to provide education about the financial industry. 00:10 Blood Red w Few Exceptions ie some SCPs 01:45 Week In Review from WC III 02:41 Exchange Updates after Tuesday Outage - which exchanges failed hard and which one stood the test 03:10 Who Will Take the Throne? 03:35 SCP Market Capitalization Share 04:15 TVL by SCP 04:37 ETH 2.0? Don’t Hold Your Breath 05:31 Ethereum Transactions Growth 06:00 Total Value Locked Non-Ethereum Chains 06:26 Staking King Flipped 07:21 Top 20 SCP’s Gainers YTD 08:21 Top 20 Smart Contract Platforms as %ETH 09:12 Binance Coin - (BNB) VS FTX Token - (FTT) 10:00 TOP Blockchains Dev per GitHub Activity 10:41 SCP Top 5 Ranking by Key Metric - DDTV 11:00 SCP Top 5 Ranking by Key Metric ADU 11:31 SCP Top 5 Ranking by Key Metric - Centralization 12:00 SCP Top 5 Ranking by Key Metric - TVL 12:19 SCP Top 5 Ranking by Key Metric = MC TVL 12:50 Solana Surging 2BN Trx a Month vs ETH 35M 13:24 SCP’s Layer 1s Heating Up Algorand and Harmony One 14:21 Google Trends - SOL beats out ETH 14:50 Conclusion 16:00 All Roads lead to....?
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