You Would Never Guess The Coin Outperforming Bitcoin & ETH in 2021

cryptocurrency 7 months ago

The best altcoin group in 2021, new trade setups, market update, and thoughts on whether the bull market can continue. If you enjoy the show please take a second and hit that *LIKE* button! ►Get $200 deposit bonus on your Bybit trading account: ►Profit Maximalist is the daily show for crypto traders & Bitcoin investors. Hear from the largest funds, top traders, best analysts, and key players in the crypto market. Drop a like & subscribe if you enjoyed the show! ►Listen on iTunes: ►Listen on Spotify:,%2C%20poker%20players%2C%20and%20entrepreneurs ►Follow me on Twitter: ​ _______________________________________________________________ 0:00 Intro 0:26 Returns in 2021 1:27 Altcoin Index 3:17 Important Bull Market Reminder 4:12 Trade Watch 1 - DOT 8:35 Trade Watch 2 - PERP 11:47 Trade Watch 3 - ?? 13:30 Trading Strategy Summary 13:52 Best Performing Coin This Year + Takeaway #Crypto​ #Bitcoin​ #Investing
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