5130 Kripto Para
Toplam Piyasa Değeri $1,741.00B
24s Toplam Hacim $33.65B

SixEleven SixEleven star

-0.02 (-1.34%)

611 is a Namecoin based cryptocurrency, and it allows data sharing and storing within its blockchain, app and cloud service creation as well as fast and gobal transactions. SixEleven's name comes from its coin supply, 611000

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Pazar Payı 0.00%
Proof type PoW
24s Ortalama $1.34
24s Düşük $1.28
24s Yüksek $1.34
Price in BTC 0.00002719623641 BTC
Dolaşan Arz 0 611
Toplam Arz 611,000 611
Piyasa Değeri $0
24s Hacim (kripto) 0 611
24s Hacim (para) $0
24s toplam hacim (kripto) 0 611
24s Toplam Hacim (para) $0.00000000
Son Güncelleme 2021-03-06 20:37:04 +00:00 GMT
ID Market Type Fiyat Birim Toplam
Tarih Fiyat Hacim

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