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Toplam Piyasa Değeri $1,741.00B
24s Toplam Hacim $33.65B

BlackCoin BlackCoin star

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BlackCoin has seen initial success due to its innovative features. The coin has incorporated bitcoin upgrades to reduce transaction risk. The coin initially uses proof of work as well as proof of stake, with the proof of work being dropped after the 10000th block. The advantages of Blackcoins proof of stake is that it has extremely fast transaction confirmation times at ten seconds - compared to bitcoins ten minutes plus. The other bonus is the low energy consumption without PoW mining. Interest is paid annually at a 1% rate - well below the present global average.

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Pazar Payı 0.00%
Proof type PoS
24s Ortalama $0.08
24s Düşük $0.07
24s Yüksek $0.08
Price in BTC 0.00000163000000 BTC
Dolaşan Arz 60,524,416 BLK
Piyasa Değeri $4,791,305
24s Hacim (kripto) 152,160 BLK
24s Hacim (para) $12,046
24s toplam hacim (kripto) 152,160 BLK
24s Toplam Hacim (para) $12.05K
Son Güncelleme 2021-03-06 20:36:54 +00:00 GMT
ID Market Type Fiyat Birim Toplam
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